Mattress Toppers

Utilizing advanced quilted cluster fiber technology, we have developed a superior line of quality, anti-allergen, waterproof mattress toppers that provide an extraordinary level of cradling comfort, support and health. Our unique, signature process called "chain stitch, multi-needle, continuous closed pattern" provides a resiliency that lasts for years with plump clusters that do not move or lose their shape or support over time.


Eco Cloud™ Mattress Topper - combines our cluster fiber technology with the natural allure of bamboo fabric. Featuring a bamboo fiber, knit top naturally resistant to allergens, bacteria, fungi, stains, odors and germs, each Eco Cloud is generously filled with unique polyester fibers to provide a supple softness that is enhanced with every wash.

Regency Cloud® Mattress Topper - Instantly improves the comfort of your bed(s) and the quality of your sleep with our incredibly ultra-soft mattress topper. Generously filled with a unique polyester cluster fiber, the Regency Cloud has the lofty feel of down but is 100% hypoallergenic, stain resistant, waterproof, and washable.
Sore/Loser® - Provides a superior level of crafted comfort, support and health for the relief and prevention of pressure ulcers. Laboratory tested to provide over 50% peak pressure relief, the Sore/Loser levitates patients to a safe, low pressure environment.