About CKI

Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI) was created with the idea of bringing innovative patented solutions to the market. Originally known as China Horse, Inc., CKI began in 1996 with the intention of solving an age-old problem: how to comfortably combine two twin beds together when a larger bed is needed. The flagship product, Twin Doubler®, was invented by Sam Montross, a woman entrepreneur. Knowing that two twin beds create a king size bed, she patented the Twin Doubler and began by marketing this "instant king" product to the hospitality industry. Cadence Keen Innovations now boasts a redesign of the original product, the Easy King Bed Doubler® that can be used on any size twin mattress. 

Years and several exciting designs later, Montross introduced her own line of mattress care products based on new technology fabrics and systems. As an inventor, Montross is often introducing new products or designs that solve specific industry challenges. The latest innovation, the Bed MadeEZ® Bed Maker, effortlessly raises a mattress from the box spring without manual lifting. The device was created to reduce the alarming increase in injuries housekeepers were experiencing during routine bed making tasks.


CKI is proud to make most of our products in the USA!

Company Structure

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fl., CKI sells its products through local and national reps, distributors, and retailers. For a list of retailers, sales representatives, and distributors, please visit our Contact Us page. Cadence Keen Innovations is a privately held corporation certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) as a woman owned business. CKI was granted its first patent in 1997 with several other patents following in subsequent years.


Mission Statement

To design and deliver tailored, innovative solutions that directly address each customer’s needs with a quality product that makes our customers' lives easier and safer.